The Poor-tato

The potato is a students best friend, it’s up there with 2 for 1 offers on Ben and jerry’s and even, dare I say it, the Doritos and dip combo. The world is, and can be your potato, and if you’ve spent your loan on far too many necessary, yet at the same time wholly unnecessary items, then go and grab a bag of maris pipers. With the potato, you can eat for a week, for under a tenner! Here is a killer weekly/mid-weekly dinner plan where the humble potato is THE star ingredient in each meal! This weekly plan doesn’t involve much cooking, isn’t particularly hard to do and involves a load of favoured student ingredients!

Monday. You’ve got a 9 o’clock start at University with a lecturer who looks, sounds and smells like Colonel Chicken, and you’re feeling slightly hungover from the 3 or 4 pints you had at the pub quiz last night. You’re in need of a mad dose of salt and starch, and boy you’re going to get that. You’re heading home from uni at five-ish, and to be honest, you really can’t be bothered to do anything other than doing nothing. You’re in need of some ham, egg and chips to nurse you back to full health. You can rustle this up for just £1.50, lovely jubbly.

Tuesday you’re feeling fresh. You’ve given yourself the day off, and you’re making the most of it with a round-robin fifa competition and plenty of James Bond. A meal deal might be on the cards if you can be bothered to leave the house (Sainsbury’s because you know) but probably not, you’re saving yourself for the meal of all meals tonight, Sausage and Mash!!! Costs £1, tops!

Wednesday is a day for Sports. Mostly though, it gives the people who don’t play sports a bit of peace and quiet, and a breather from all that laddish, sporting banter. Anyway, you’ve got a cracking dinner lined up! Leek and potato soup.  POTATOES, leeks, garlic, butter, vegetable stock and milk. That’s all you need! Melt some butter in a large pan, and then add your now chopped leeks and garlic on a medium heat. 10 minutes or so later, they will have softened, and you can add your cubed potatoes to the dish, along with the vegetable stock, just enough to cover your vegetables. Season according to your tastes, and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Have it chunky, or blend the hell out of it, and stir in a little milk. Either way, its so damn good! £2 and you’ll get loadssssssssssssssss of servings out of this badboy!

Thursday and there’s a chill in the air; it’s time to get your jackets out! The jacket potato is a wonderfully resourceful dish which goes with almost anything. From trout to chilli, tuna mayonnaise to cottage cheese. If you’ve got a few portioned up dinners left in the freezer, perhaps a curry, perhaps some bolognese, then whack it on a jacket potato. For less than £1, you’re in for a treat.

Friday and Saturday, you can have potato if you want. But you’ve probably run out of potatoes, and you’re probably sick of both of reading this post and the taste of potatoes.

Sunday; get a roast dinner at the pub quiz. Potatoes will be supplied at the pub, but if you’re now addicted to the taste of potatoes or the portion size is stingy, smuggle a few roasties in your pocket for yourself and the pub dog.

POTATO WARNING*** Yes, I do love potatoes, but I have also been on the receiving end of a traumatic game of hot potato. Now, I’m all for a game of hot potato, and by all means continue to play it, but don’t do it drunk, and don’t throw it at a brand new pair of bose speakers. I don’t think I need to elaborate…

Much love from The.Food.Library.


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